How To Choose a CPAP Mask

So you have been prescribed positive airway pressure or PAP therapy.  Now you will need to be fitted for a CPAP mask. This guide will show you the important things to keep in mind when you choose a CPAP Mask.

The mask is attached to tubing that connects to the PAP machine and delivers the pressurized air. It is very important that the mask is comfortable and provides a proper seal for the airflow. The correct air pressure level cannot be reached unless your mask fits correctly.

Plus, a comfortable mask that fits well will make using PAP easier. When looking for a comfortable mask, keep in mind the fit (one size does NOT fit all) and the style, which is a personal preference that only you can decide.

Choose a CPAP Mask – The Different Types of Masks

  • CPAP Triangular Masks: This is the most common type of mask used. They are designed in the form of a triangle to easily fit your nose. A strap will allow you to secure the mask. You have a choice of full face — that covers your nose and mouth — or, nasal that just covers your nose.
  • CPAP Oral Masks: This mask has been designed for people who sleep with their mouth open. These oral masks also come with a heated humidifier, which will keep both your mouth and regions of your throat wet. The only disadvantage of this mask is that certain people find it very uncomfortable to wear due to the nasal plugs attached to the device.
  • CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask: This mask has two separate parts; both have to be inserted in to the nostril itself. While using this type of mask, place the tubes by looping it over your head. This will allow you to sleep on either side of the body without disturbing the mask.
  • CPAP Hybrid Pillow Mask: This type of mask is usually a mixture of two or more masks. This type of mask is useful for people who suffer from Mixed Apnea, or who have difficulty finding a mask that fits correctly.

Remember, when you choose a CPAP mask, do your research. Talk to your doctor about your sleeping habits and other personal preferences. Choosing the right CPAP mask will ensure longer use from the mask and better results from your CPAP Machine.

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