CPAP Users: Cold and Flu Season is here -- Are you ready?

CPAP Users: Cold and Flu Season is here — Are you ready?

Cold and Flu Season

It’s that time of year again — cold and flu season. When germs lurk all around us — just waiting to latch on.  That means its more important than ever to keep your CPAP mask clean.  So even if you do get a cold, it won’t linger longer than it has to.  Just follow these easy steps.


Hand wash the mask before first use and daily. The headgear should be hand washed weekly, or as needed. The headgear does not need to be removed for daily cleaning of the mask.

1. Hand wash the mask and headgear in warm water with a mild liquid dish washing detergent.

Caution: Do not use bleach, alcohol, cleaning solutions containing bleach or alcohol, or cleaning solutions containing conditioners or moisturizers.

2. Rinse thoroughly with drinking quality water and air dry out of direct sunlight. Make sure the mask is dry before use.

3. Lay the headgear flat or line dry. Do not place the headgear into the dryer.

4. Inspect all parts for damage or wear; replace any parts that have visibly deteriorated (cracking, tears, etc). Replace the mask if the cushion becomes hardened.

It is also vital to keep your CPAP tubing clean.

Clean your tubing in a sink filled with warm water and a few drops of mild dish detergent. Swish the tubing around in the water for a few minutes, rinse it well and let it air dry all day.  You can hang the tubing over the shower rod or on a towel rack to make sure that all of the water drips out.

Take Care

Good general care is also essential to getting the most out of your CPAP supplies.  Follow the guidelines below to keep your CPAP supplies in top shape. Replace worn parts when needed.

Every Month

  • Mask cushions/pillows may deteriorate over time through regular wear and tear which can change the fit and lead to air leaks.  If your cushions or pillows are worn out, you may experience discomfort and your therapy may be less effective.
  • Machine filters may become clogged.

Every 3 months

  • Tubing may get small holes or tears, which can cause air leaks and affect the delivery of your prescribed therapy setting.

Every 6 months

  • Headgear and chin straps may become stretched out, leading to over-tightening and discomfort.
  • Humidifier water chambers may become cracked or cloudy because of the mineral levels found in most drinking water.

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