CPAP Tubing- a sleep apnea related device

A Public Service Column For Sleep Apnea

Every year I write a public service column about sleep apnea because this machine called CPAP – it stands for continuous positive airway pressure – that I’ve been using now for almost 20 years likely saved my life.

Lack of sleep can become a torture not only for the person missing out on the Z’s but their family as well. To this day, my adult daughter simply bristles at the sound of snoring (luckily her husband is not a snorer). She even rolls her eyes when her dog does some snorting in his sleep.

 That’s how bad my sleep apnea had become.

We laugh at those who make the goofy noises while sleeping (or trying to sleep) and sometimes even record the odd sounds that come out of our spouses as they’re literally gasping to breathe.

The truth of it is, sleep apnea can be deadly. Mine was barreling out of control during my thirtysomething years when the kids were young and the work pace was frantic. I was covering Kentucky basketball home games and driving into the early morning hours. Only angels watching over me kept me from crashing and killing myself and maybe others.

When there was a moment of peace and stillness, I’d be asleep and usually it was in seconds. I’ve fallen asleep at the dinner table, on the couch in the middle of a conversation, during a phone call, in a meeting. When a person reaches that point of exhaustion, when your body is craving sleep like water, bad things begin to happen.

While it may be funny when the person nods off in the choir loft at church (oh yes, that happened to me often) or makes the craziest noises when he/she does fall to sleep (check that one off too), it’s an ailment that should be no laughing matter.

You need to get diagnosed for sleep apnea.

While nobody wants to wear the CPAP mask (my wife says it’s like sleeping with Darth Vader) because it’s too uncomfortable, not sexy or cool and some may feel a sign of weakness. “I don’t need anything to help me sleep!” Well, yes, you do. Maybe. It is when we admit our weaknesses that begin to defeat them.

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