Looking for quality sleep? Check out these tips

Quality sleep issues? Check out these tips

Quality sleep can make all the difference when it comes to productivity in the office. In fact, overall on-the-job sleepiness costs employers about $100 billion in lost productivity.

It’s time to take that productivity back. Use these tips to get better quality sleep yourself, and share the tips with your friends and coworkers to beat office exhaustion.

During the Day

  • Take a power nap. Twenty to forty minutes is ideal.
  • Consider acupuncture to address stress and anxiety, which might be the root of your sleeping problems.
  • Do yoga or other relaxing activities.
  • Don’t hit snooze in the morning. This can really throw off your sleep patterns.

Lifestyle Choices

  • Cut back on caffeine. It’s important to avoid caffeine at bedtime, but to cut back in general as well.
  • Exercise regularly. Working out can improve your health in so many ways. Whether it’s walking, weight training, biking or running, find an exercise activity you enjoy.
  • Consume melatonin. This hormone helps regulate your sleep cycles and can be found in foods like fish, fruit, grains and vegetables.
  • Balance out your diet. Digestion problems can cause sleep problems. Try to avoid foods that are difficult to digest, especially close to bedtime.

At Bedtime

  • Set a routine. Not only should you try to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day, but you should also give yourself a set bedtime routine so your body can recognize when it’s time to wind down.

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