Why Don't We Make Sleep A Priority?

Why Don’t We Make Sleep A Priority?

“If I go to sleep now, I can still get a solid 4 hours…”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used this line to tell myself that my behavior is okay. I’ve also attempted to sharpen my mental math skills trying to figure out the latest possible time I can go to sleep to get four hours of rest. It’s a minimum I’ve determined myself, a number of how many hours I believe I personally need to function. But I can never seem to get it right because I make these decisions when I’m already sleep-deprived, which leads me to poor choices and staying up until I only have four hours left.

So what happens? I wake up feeling sluggish.

What’s keeping me up from getting the eight hours I actually need? Is it simply because there are not enough hours in the day? Should we, as a society, change our perceptions of time? After all, we have daylight savings, which further proves that time is really a social construct. I shouldn’t waste time thinking of things that I have no control over – but this is just one of many things that keeps me awake at night.

Is it school? Is it the amount of readings I’ve been assigned or the endless papers I must write to demonstrate my mastery of a subject? Surely, I can learn how to read faster. If I’m reading so much, shouldn’t I be able to write eloquently and more importantly, concisely?

Is it my job? Is it the emails that are waiting for me in my inbox? Well, if I just replied to emails as I received them, even if they come in at 2:00 AM, then I would never have to feel pressure from people awaiting my reply.

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