Sleep Better On Your Vacation With These Tips

Sleep Better On Vacation With These Tips

Looking to sleep on vacation?

Having trouble catching some zzz’s while on vacation? Travelers often find that their normal sleep patterns are disrupted while away from the cozy confines of their own beds. Happily, the industry is introducing innovative sleep-focused programming, from insomnia treatments to zero-gravity adult nap chairs to help promote quality rest. With that in mind, here are 10 snooze-inducing solutions to help you get some shut-eye while traveling.

Rely on In-Room Sleep Aids

The Library Hotel Collection’s properties offer in-room humidifiers and Sleep Phones (or headband headphones), which are developed to lull users into a natural sleep cycle. The Sleep Phones are available on loan along with eye masks, special pillows and foam or featherbed mattress toppers. Plus, when you’re not catching up on shut-eye, you’ll find plenty of on-site perks. For example, Hotel Girraffe in Newy York City provides refreshments throughout the day in its lobby, along with a breakfast buffet each morning and a wine and cheese reception each afternoon.

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Take an In-Flight Snooze

Hawaiian Airlines is set to roll out its first aircraft with lie-flat seats in its premium cabin at the end of May. The 180-degree seats use an innovative seat platform to fold into 76-inch beds – perfect to catch a snooze. Travelers receive an array of goodies to prep for bedtime from socks with “E Hiamoe Maika’I” (or “sleep well”) written on them to toiletries with scents that evoke the tropical allure of the islands. “We have designed an experience that will usher in a new era in premium service to Hawaii, one that resulted from a thorough review of guest feedback and intensive research to develop a best-in-class product for our long haul aircraft,” says Mark Dunkerley, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines.

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