Trying To Sleep While Pregnant? Check Out These Tips

Trying To Sleep While Pregnant? Check Out These Tips

By Jenna Nienhuis

Sleeping has always been an interesting process for me, and has recently taken on a life of its own now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant. The actual sleeping segment isn’t the interesting part. It’s the 20 minutes leading up to shut-eye that makes my husband question our marriage.

My pregnancy-going-to-sleep-routine has become, self admittedly, out of control. Here’s an overview of the most crucial details leading up to a decent night’s sleep.


First things first, pregnancy is all about comfort. Therefore, I have two types of pajamas. Pajamas for lounging at night (comfy sweats and a loose sweater) and a second style for sleeping (an old jersey cotton tee and shorts).


The temperature must be cool and brisk in the room, preferably with a breeze of fresh air. Starting at week 22 of pregnancy, I have been visited by the nights sweats, so the temperature is even more crucial. I hate being hot, so much. But I love cuddling up in my blankets. The windows must be open and the plantation shutters askew at just the right angle so that it’s not too bright, and there’s just enough room for the breeze to glide through.


Our air purifier must be powered on all night at a level four. It gives off a lovely white noise sound, plus it’s doing the obvious. There is also one bright red light and two blue lights on the device that remind me of aliens, so I cover them with a t-shirt. My agitation to superfluous night sounds and light has clearly become intolerable during pregnancy.


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