Could Yoga Cure Your Insomnia? It Just Might

Yoga: It Could Cure Your Insomnia And Help Your Sleep

Yoga: Can it be cured by insomnia?

During my many years of teaching the science of yoga, one of the struggles that many people experience in their life is insomnia, especially entrepreneurs. Due to a hectic lifestyle, business owners will find themselves laying awake at night, preoccupied with their thoughts. As a result, my clients frequently ask me, “Can yoga help me to sleep better?”

What I’ve discovered is that through the consistency of practicing yoga two to three times a week, people begin to notice positive changes in their overall health and that they have returned to their natural and beautiful sleep cycle after many years of suffering from insomnia.

Why? Yoga is designed to deliver blood flow from your head to your toes, from the inside-out, while generating a tremendous amount of new oxygen back to the blood stream and all internal organs. The poses practiced in my classes are designed to go through the entire hormonal system all the way to the pituitary and pineal gland which are designed to repair hormones and regulate the mechanism of our life sleep cycle.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleeplessness is a disease that impacts over 70 million Americans! If you are suffering from constant fatigued, become easily irritated, have trouble focusing, experience headaches, etc, these are not symptoms that should be ignored since they can be linked to high blood pressure, depression, obesity and in a worst case scenario, cancer.

We are so privileged to be in this incredible temple, our body and brain! Our brain is a tool that produces miracles everyday by just tuning into it and trusting it! It produces patterns that are called Wave Frequencies that can predict how resilient someone can be at managing stress and sleeping peacefully; therefore activating the right frequency is the key to tone down noise and the ripples of our mind.

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