Which Mammal Do You Sleep the Most Like? Find Out Here

Which Mammal Do You Sleep the Most Like? Find Out Here

Do You Sleep More Like a Bear, Dolphin, Wolf or Lion?

You know those times when you can barely keep your eyes open, but your friend is wired with energy? Or when you’re just getting going on an evening project and your spouse is ready to call it a night? The explanation: Not everyone’s biological clock runs on the same schedule, says Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders.

In his new book, The Power of When, Dr. Breus breaks down four different chronotypes, or classifications, based on morning and evening preferences, then links each one to a different animal whose snooze-time habits best fit the characteristics.

Scroll down to see which animal description comes closest to you. (You can also take the official quiz at thepowerofwhenquiz.com.) Plus, find Dr. Breus’s advice on what tweaks you can make to your schedule based on your chronotype, to maximize your sleep and daytime activities for a more energized, fulfilling life.

What’s Your Sleep Animal? (From The Power of When)

1. Dolphins. Real dolphins sleep with only half of their brain at a time (which is why they’re called unihemispheric sleepers). The other half is awake and alert, concentrating on swimming and looking for predators. This name fits insomniacs well: intelligent, neurotic light sleepers with a low sleep drive [sleep drive = your need for sleep].

2. Lions. Real lions are morning hunters at the top of the food chain. This name fits morning-oriented, driven optimists with a medium sleep drive.

3. Bears. Real bears are go-with-the-flow ramblers, good sleepers and anytime hunters. This name fits fun-loving, outgoing people who prefer a solar-based schedule and have a high sleep drive.

4. Wolves. Real wolves are nocturnal hunters. This name fits night-oriented creative extroverts with a medium sleep drive.

What This Means For You…

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