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Can a Sleep Tracker That Wakes You Up Actually Help You?

If a partner or a pet kept waking you up three minutes after you fell asleep, you’d be kicking them out of bed pretty quickly, but a new sleep tracker does just that, with the goal of training insomniacs to fall asleep faster.

Based on research out of Australia’s Flinders University, Thim is a small wearable device designed to readjust a user’s sleeping cycles over the course of a week without too much disruption, and is also claimed to come in handy for better naps and more accurate sleep tracking.

There are plenty of sleep tracking devices jostling to join you in bed, but most, like the Juvo, Samsung’s Sleepsense and the Sleepace RestOn, are content to monitor sleeping patterns and use the data gathered to provide tips on getting a better night’s rest. Others, like the FitSleep, are designed to lull you into dreamland faster, but experts question the science behind them.

Based on studies conducted at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, the Thim takes a more active (and research-backed) role in improving sleep patterns. The researchers found that people who have trouble sleeping could learn to nod off sooner through a process called sleep re-training, where they repeatedly experience the sensation of falling asleep. According to the team, just one hour of interrupted sleep per night, for five consecutive nights, is enough to reboot a person’s habits into a more restorative cycle.

“Thim is based on 10 years of university research which has shown a better way of improving sleep,” says Professor Leon Lack, a researcher on those studies and the inventor of Thim and the Re-Timer glasses. “For the first time, our research is being transferred into the home environment through Thim.”

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