CPAP Filters & Tubing

CPAP tubes and filters are necessary in keeping your CPAP machine running smoothly. We offer a variety of the CPAP tubes and filters you’ll need to make sure the air you’re breathing is healthy and sanitary.

We offer disposable and reusable CPAP filters.

Disposable CPAP Filters should be replaced every 15-30 days depending on your type of CPAP machine.
Reusable CPAP Filters are used alone or paired with disposable filters. They can be used more than a few times before cleaning for reuse.

CPAP tubing comes in a variety of lengths and sizes. The majority of CPAP machines come with a six foot tube. However, your CPAP set up may require a longer hose. The ports on all CPAP tubing is universal, making shopping a breeze.

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