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The simple one touch on/off button makes it easy for the user to begin and end their use of the CPAP.  The heated humidifier Air Outlet is a standard size and can be used with any standard size CPAP Tubing. Standard nasal mask, tubing, and two filters are included.

A large capacity water chamber will allow the user to get 1-2 nights of use before having to change the water.  It is recommended to only use distilled water to prolong the life expectancy of the chamber.

The SD Card will be the machine’s data collection card.  This will allow a user to have their sleep doctor download information from the card to get compliance reporting. No additional software is needed—just put the SD card in a reader connected to a computer, and the report will generate.

No special mask required:  Can be used with any mask on the market.  This machine does not have a heated tube option and should only be used with a standard (non-heated) tube.

Standard nasal mask, tubing, and two filters are included. 

Important Note: This device was granted emergency use authorization by the FDA.