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Here are eight ways to sleep better during and after menopause

Ways you can sleep better during and after menopause

Prioritizing and protecting sleep during menopause

According to a YouGov survey published this week, women are more likely to have trouble sleeping than men (46%, compared to 36% of adult males) – and more likely to suffer in silence too, rather than speak to their doctor about it.

Countless things can cause sleep difficulties. Many of them are external, such as an uncomfortable mattress, noisy environment and even the temperature of the room. However, experts are warning that sometimes medical conditions like sleep apnea (where breathing patterns are interrupted during sleep, causing snoring and pauses in breathing) might be involved too. So it can be important to discuss sleep problems with your GP.

For women, hormones can interfere with sleep patterns too, particularly as a result of fluctuations and changes linked with menopause.

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