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CPAP America Launches Local Speaking Seminars

CPAP America, the South Jersey-based “one-stop-shop” for sleep apnea relief, education, CPAP equipment, and Home Sleep Testing, has launched their local community speaking seminars on sleep apnea education and the ramifications of not treating the condition properly.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects more than 18 million people each year in the U.S. alone. Characterized by discrepancies in breathing or occurrences of shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep, sleep apnea will lead to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, and even cancer. Regardless of gender, race or even age, sleep apnea does not discriminate.

The presentations will be given by Edwin Frost, President and Chief Clinical Officer of CPAP America. Frost, a native of Bridgeton, New Jersey and Registered Respiratory Therapist, has more than 20 years experience in the field of respiratory therapy. He has also managed 27 sleep labs and currently sits on the New Jersey State Board of Respiratory Care.

During the presentation, Frost will cover many topics, including:

  • Home sleep testing vs. in-lab testing
  • Possible disorders affecting your sleep, and the consequences of leaving them untreated
  • How you can improve your sleep and quality of life when living with sleep apnea
  • How to avoid chronic diseases, improve how you feel, and achieve better performance in your work and fitness practices
  • Fitting a CPAP Mask and the importance of cleaning your CPAP equipment

Check the following dates to see if CPAP America will be in your area!

-Thursday, September 24- Stratford Public Library– Stratford, New Jersey (2pm)

-Tuesday, October 6- Deptford Public Library– Deptford, New Jersey (6:30pm)

-Thursday, October 8- Cherry Hill Public Library– Cherry Hill, New Jersey (10:30am)

CPAP America’s customers get personalized care from experienced, passionate clinicians who will help them not only manage their disorder, but improve their overall quality of life. For unbiased solutions at the best prices, customers can rest easy with CPAP America.  

If you’re interested in having CPAP America speak at your facility, please contact us at 856-853-0324, or contact us at sales@cpapamerica.com