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Having sleep issues on a flight? Check out these tips

Can’t sleep when flying? These tips should help

Sleep issues when flying

The Mistral is a ferocious and loud wind that, when it blows incessantly for weeks, drives people mad in Provence. There’s an old saying that a murder committed after a week of Mistral should be forgiven.

But what about the maddening sound of wind (and jet engine noise) that you experience when you fly, especially on a long overnight flight? It might not cause you to commit mayhem, but it affects you in ways you might not imagine, causing stress, fatigue and loss of sleep.

Did you not sleep on your last long flight? There are steps you can take to change that next time, everything from the plane you choose to fly on to what you do once you’re on board.

The reasons you can’t sleep well in flight are legion, and some of them are less obvious than others. As much as possible, you want to recreate the same environment that you experience when you sleep in your own bed. Not easy, but the closer you get, the better you’ll sleep. Here are 10¬†sleep-killers and how you can defeat them.

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