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Are you A Commercial Driver With Sleep Apnea? 

High Insurance Deductibles?

Paying Too Much Out of Pocket?

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Are you ready for your DOT Physical? Our trained clinicians can download data from SD card or CPAP Machine and send it to your doctor or employer to verify your compliance for a nominal fee (any customer who purchases a machine from CPAP America will receive free downloads for life!).

We offer the lowest prices on CPAP machines and supplies.  We will work with truckers with no
insurance or high insurance deductibles.

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  • Affordable Home Sleep Apnea Testing
  • Home and Travel Sized CPAP Machines
  • CPAP Supplies
  • Routine Compliance Downloads

If you hold a CDL, or are required by your employer or doctor to be tested for sleep apnea, contact CPAP America for all of your testing and treatment needs.


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