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Sleep Deprivation: Why The Cure For It Could Be Closer Than You Think

Sleep Deprivation: Is There A Cure For It?

Mark Zielinski knew he was onto something when his mice stopped sleeping. Normally, the animals woke and would sleep on a 12-hour cycle. When the lights were on in the lab, the mice were active. When it went dark on a timer, down they went. But Zielinski, who teaches psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, had recently tweaked their schedule to keep the mice up past their bedtime.

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Sleep Better With These 13 Science-Backed Tips

Sleep Better With These 13 Science-Backed Tips

If you’re tired right now or are relying on a bucket of coffee to get through your day, you aren’t alone.

More than a third of Americans don’t get the seven to nine hours of sleep a night that the CDC recommends. Some people think they can function on less, but usually that’s because the sleep-deprived brain loses the ability to tell when it isn’t functioning right after just a few nights of short rest.

Getting better sleep can change your life in powerful ways. Simple, everyday adjustments may be all that some people require for better shut-eye, but there are also things that true insomniacs can do to soothe sleep troubles.

Tech Insider has reviewed a number of studies and interviewed sleep experts to figure out how to best transform your resting habits. Here are 13 science-backed tips.

1. Figure out how much sleep you really need.

Our daily schedule while we’re working is often anything but natural. It ignores our individual chronotype (whether we’re night owls or morning people) and forces us onto a societal instead of individual sleep schedule. Plus, anxiety can make natural sleep difficult.

So the next time you have a few days off, go to bed when you are tired and see how long you naturally sleep — you need a few days for your body to relax and tell you your needs. Most likely, you’ll find yourself sleeping seven to nine hours.

Take a look at your other habits too. Do you normally watch TV right until you want to get into bed? Do you give yourself any time to get ready for sleep before you actually want to be asleep? Do you do eat or drink anything late at night? You can’t change habits until you are aware of what you are already doing.

2. Pick a bedtime.

Don’t try to go to bed “as early as possible” — that’s a vague goal, which makes it almost impossible to achieve. Instead, plan ahead.

Do you want to be up by 7:00? Did your vacation experiment show you that you really need eight hours, not six? Then get in bed by 11:00, if not a little before.  Try to stick to your bedtime as closely as possible, even on weekends. But don’t freak out if you change your routine every so often. Exceptions are okay.

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