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sleep apnea related bathroom trips

Sleep Apnea Treatment May Decrease Nightly Trips To Bathroom

MONDAY, March 27, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Millions of Americans battle bothersome nighttime conditions, such as sleep apnea or the need to get up frequently to urinate.

Now, new research suggests that treating the former condition with CPAP “mask” therapy might also help ease the latter.

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Common Issue Found In Sleep Apnea Patients

This Common Issue Is Found In Sleep Apnea Patients

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered unique muscle fibers in the soft palate of the mouth in both infants and adults. The fibers seem to be present in greater number in snorers and sleep apnea patients. The findings were recently published article in the Journal of Anatomy.

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Sleep Apnea: Do you remain undiagnosed?

Sleep Apnea: Do you remain undiagnosed?

Do you have sleep apnea but remain undiagnosed?

The Specialist:

As the director of the sleep surgery program at Mount Sinai, Dr. Fred Lin treats patients who have complicated cases of sleep apnea that require surgery. Lin works with more than 500 patients a year with sleep apnea.

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CPAP Tubing- a sleep apnea related device

A Public Service Column For Sleep Apnea

Every year I write a public service column about sleep apnea because this machine called CPAP – it stands for continuous positive airway pressure – that I’ve been using now for almost 20 years likely saved my life.

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Eson Nasal Mask 2 for sleep apnea related issues

Sleep Apnea: Can You Lessen The Occurrences?

We might ‘own the night’, as Selena Gomez sings, but sometimes this is easier sung than done and the night owns us instead. For one reason or other, sleep can be elusive to many – quality sleep most especially.  A number of sleep disorders have been growing in prevalence of late. Among these is sleep apnea.

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