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Sleep Deprivation: Why The Cure For It Could Be Closer Than You Think

Sleep Deprivation: Is There A Cure For It?

Mark Zielinski knew he was onto something when his mice stopped sleeping. Normally, the animals woke and would sleep on a 12-hour cycle. When the lights were on in the lab, the mice were active. When it went dark on a timer, down they went. But Zielinski, who teaches psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, had recently tweaked their schedule to keep the mice up past their bedtime.

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Train yourself for less sleep

Sleep: Can You Actually Train Yourself To Get Less Of It?

With so much to do, and so little time to accomplish it, sleep can feel like a waste of a precious resource. Wouldn’t it be great if we could train our bodies to need less of it?

It is possible, some research has found. But it won’t work for everyone.

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These 7 Daily Habits Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

Sleep Could Be Ruined With These Habits

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, a few musts come to mind: a quiet room, comfortable bed and plenty of time. But research actually shows that what we do during the day can have as much effect on sleeping as anything we do at night.

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Study: Phones, Tablets and Laptops Depriving Kids Of Quality Sleep

Good night, sleep tight, and don’t look into that tablet light.

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Sleep Deprivation And How To Handle It

Sleep Deprivation And How To Handle It

Sleep debt is disorienting and can even be dangerous. Whether you suffer from general insomnia or juggle a grueling travel schedule, sleep deprivation is a serious health issue that affects millions. It can weaken one’s immune system, heighten emotional responses, and even alter gene expression. Sleeping pills can lead to potential overuse, or worse, abuse. Luckily, there are healthful alternatives that can ease the symptoms of sleep loss.

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Sleep Deprived? Be Productive At Work With These Four Steps

Sleep Deprived? Be Productive At Work With These Four Steps

Sleep Deprived? You Can Still Be Productive At Work

I have a seven week old. She’s adorable and I love her so much, but I already understand why Adam Mansbach’s notorious NSFW parenting book is a bestseller. My tiny human is not a fan of sleep, and I’m operating on less than I ever have. (I see you, college finals week, and I’m laughing at the idea that those were tiring all-nighters.)

I’m also back at work, and while my colleagues know it’s a transition period, it’s still my job to, well, do my job. I don’t want to be pigeonholed as the tired new mom and get passed over for something exciting that requires attention to detail. So, I’ve come up with a four-step plan to save me from my most sleep deprived self so I can still do good work.

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Sleep Deprivation: 5 Ways It Effects Your Job

Sleep Deprivation: 5 Ways It Affects Your Work

Sleep deprivation is estimated to cost American corporations $63 billion annually in lost productivity, and yet, the idea that we must sacrifice sleep in order to succeed is still rampant in the American workplace.

Executives still wear all-nighters as a badge of honor, employees show their dedication by responding to emails at all hours of the night, and tech entrepreneurs subsist on as little as four hours of sleep a night.

But the idea that sacrificing sleep is the way to success couldn’t be more misleading. A growing body of scientific research shows, unequivocally, that losing sleep can significantly impair productivity and performance on a number of different levels. The science has also shown that getting enough rest, on the other hand, might be a real competitive advantage.

Here are five ways sleep loss is killing your productivity — and proof that getting more sleep could be the best way to get ahead in your career.

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Prince: Did lack of sleep contribute to his death?

Prince: Did lack of sleep contribute to his death?

Was lack of sleep a factor in the death of Prince?

It’s been five days since the death of Prince, but the exact cause remains a mystery. A preliminary sheriff’s briefing discounted trauma and suicide, though the official autopsy report could take weeks before it becomes public. In the meantime, possible comments from Maurice Phillips, who is married to Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, are stoking speculation that sleep deprivation may have contributed to the musician’s death.

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Why Don't We Make Sleep A Priority?

Why Don’t We Make Sleep A Priority?

“If I go to sleep now, I can still get a solid 4 hours…”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used this line to tell myself that my behavior is okay. I’ve also attempted to sharpen my mental math skills trying to figure out the latest possible time I can go to sleep to get four hours of rest. It’s a minimum I’ve determined myself, a number of how many hours I believe I personally need to function. But I can never seem to get it right because I make these decisions when I’m already sleep-deprived, which leads me to poor choices and staying up until I only have four hours left.

So what happens? I wake up feeling sluggish.

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VIDEO: Semi Truck Driver Falls Asleep; Results In Accident

Truck Driver Falls Asleep

In this video, trucker fatigue is once again brought to the national forefront, as a semi truck driver falls asleep at the wheel, and almost causes a deadly crash with another driver when he merges into another lane and hits the trucker head on.

Luckily, both drivers were ok.

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